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Norman Reedus, better known to Walking Dead fans as the no-nonsense, undead bashing badass Daryl Dixon, has just tweeted an image from the Season 5 set that could be a massive spoiler for the upcoming Season.

Warning: spoilers, blood and severed limbs are coming up

Check it out and I'll see you on the other side for spoiler talk:

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a severed hand and those of you familiar with the comic book source material will know it could have massive implications for Season 5.

You see, back in in the early days of the comic, Rick had an unpleasant run-in with the Governor, which ended with the former Sheriff losing a hand.

Like this:

That's gotta sting
That's gotta sting

It was an iconic moment in Walking Dead mythology, and one we've been waiting to see happen on the TV show.

So will Rick really lose his hand in Season 5? Well, quite possibly. The detached limb in the image is wearing an important piece of jewellery: a wedding ring.

A bit like this guy:

A ring is for life
A ring is for life

Now, although Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has admitted in the past that he'd be hesitant to follow this same brutal storyline in the show, we also know he loves nothing more than pulling the rug from under us, doing something nasty to a favorite character and then chuckling mercilessly at our misery.

"Look at the flowers" should be a stark reminder of that.

We also know that Season 5 is going to be incredibly dark and will see Rick become a brutal and uncompromising leader.

Could this be the thing that sends him over the edge?


Do you think Rick will lose his hand in Season 5?


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