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Recently, the internet just exploded with the leakage of some of our favorite female celebrities's seductive and some very sexual private pictures from daring poses to even actual snap shots of intercourse. These photos were stolen from an iCloud hacking and was posted online scattered to avoid being removed. Some of these celebrities included are Jeniffer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, Brie Larson, Melissa Benoist among others or at least that's what I've read/heard.

I personally haven't seen these photos, or at least the original leaked ones. The knowledge that I have about these news just came from headlines and censored version of the photos. Out of curiosity, I began searching for these photos since they are being taken down faster than The Flash performing time travel or Joey Jordison's drumming skills. But in doing so, I started to look back at the times on how things like these affected my friends, family and by extension, even myself.

Before we get started I wanted to make something clear. That is, whatever is the reason that these celebrities took these photos and whether they are aware of danger that is the leakage of private material is very common nowadays or not, is not our business. Same thing applies to other non-celebrity people who does the same or plans to. Those things are there business, not mine and not yours. Regardless of how they would react to this, it is none of our business to further question their acts. To be quite honest, some of these personalities had gone nude or full frontal in some of their film roles and if you've seen Spider-Man, you'd probably already have an idea what Kristen Dunts look like without clothes. However, in this particular article we are going to discuss the most important well-being we should worry about, yours.

You are correct, we are here to check our personal well-being and see how this kind of things affect us, whether we are aware of them or not. Forget everyone else's business, this one's yours.

I'm no psychological expert, I'm not a doctor and I'm definitely not Batman. Like you, I'm also a person who is aware of the existence of information like this and by extension, pornography. Notice how I likened The Fapenning to pornography. Anything that is legible to be posted on a pornographic site or anything that is categorize as XXX on a torrent site is considered, you guessed it, pornography.

I'm not lying when I say that I have seen porn myself. As much as I tried to stay away from pornographic content, I see them or at least hints of it almost everywhere from movies, music, magazines, even comics and most especially the internet.

I myself have witnessed how pornography affected my closest friends, family relatives and I know how hard it is to resist the temptation, mainly on my part is because of curiosity. Most of my close friends who are addicted to porn saw it as a harmless hobby, and in some ways it is true. Chances are you believe the same thing as well. I've thought of the same thing as well until we saw things unfolded because of the addiction to pornography. Whether you believe it or not, porn addiction or even just curiosity to porn, affects you as an individual.

Many experts have claimed that porn addiction is the same as crack addiction.

Many porn addicts often cover up their habit. They are secretive and deceitful. Not surprisingly, many suffer from feelings of isolation, shame, anxiety, depression, and anger. In some cases, they even develop suicidal tendencies. You might reason out that you're not suicidal, but if you are one or two or almost all of these things YOU ARE a porn addict.

Even a fleeting or accidental brush with pornography can have a negative impact. Testifying before a U.S. Senate committee, Dr. Judith Reisman, a leading researcher on pornography, said: “Pornographic visual images imprint and alter the brain, triggering an instant, involuntary, but lasting, biochemical memory trail [that is] difficult or impossible to delete.” It also makes the individual numb towards reality. Theirs nothing really wrong with that one, but if you think watching porn is better than having sex with your love one, then you have a problem.

Pornography also effects the people around you, especially the ones you love.

Many married couple have claimed dissatisfaction over their spouses because of porn. During intercourse, those who are addicted or exposed to porn, would often want their partner to reenact a pornographic scene they once saw just to get aroused. Same thing applies to non-married couples. Porn addiction could lead to dissatisfaction, selfishness and unfaithfulness, which are crucial causes of bad break-ups. But thankfully porn addiction does not drive the individual to be a rapist, that's a whole different topic often mixed-up, but it's still problem that should be seized.

If you happened to be one of these individuals and if you have felt at least one these things, then porn has already affected you, whether you like it or not. From what we've learned, porn is toxic and demoralize ANYONE who is affected by it. You are only kidding yourself if you say pornography is harmless.

Pornography is like a very attractive and beautiful site, within itself is a trap. Once it got your attention, you fall directly into the rusty cage hidden within it's "beauty". It might feel hard to resist the temptation or escape from this traps, and it's true, but it is not impossible. Seek help from the experts or the ones who had conquered this disease. If you feel you are being tempted, go out, have some fresh air and enjoy life with the ones you love.

At the end of the day you are your own superhero. But Captain America didn't stopped Loki and the Chitauri all by himself. There's nothing wrong with getting help from your family and friends. Believe me, once you are free from addiction, all that hard work WILL pay-off. If you're one of those people who have always worked hard to fight the temptation, kudos to you guys.

Think about it, you can look at those bikini models without being a pervert. You can still find excitement in making love. You can still fall in love and not think about the two of you in a porn set-up. At the end of the day, we're all human and being sexual is part of our human nature. But you can be sexual without having your morals tarnished.

It's also false to believe these things. One is that porn teaches you sex, instead it teaches you selfishness and by extension greed. Rejecting pornography won't make you prudish towards sex, but instead it gives you respect and an elevated understanding about it.

However, you perceive "The Fapenning" and this article will always be your decision. For all we care, they'll just either deny those photos or just won't give a damn about it. It's out anyway.

It will always be up to you whether you'd want to take pictures of you and/or your partner in a very sexual manner. The thing that I want you to consider is simple. We are now living in THE technological age where private information can leak and be used by offenders at their own expense with and without your permission and can use those information against you and everyone else. Think about the long-term consequences and whether you and/or your associates can take them or not

It will always be up to you whether you will stay inside the rusty cage or you will free yourself go places beyond your imagination. Whatever your decision will be, always consider how will this affect you as an individual and by extension, your loved ones. My only request to you, is that love yourself the same way how you want others to love you.

Today, I'm still fighting the temptations that could lead to pornography. It's true when I say that it's never going away. But you can prevent yourself from being an addict, I have found ways to help myself and I am willing to share them to you.

I have linked several sites below that could help you understand the subject more and how you can help yourself prevent or cure any signs of addiction. Some sights are from religious sites, particularly the ones from Keep in mind that the articles from these sites offers practical advises that could help all kinds of individuals while still using bible-based text as both an informative form and an advice. So even if you're not a believer of the higher power or not, this articles could still help you.

Please do not take this as an advantage to dismiss and rant against religion and on these sites dedicated to cure porn addiction, but see this as an opportunity to educate yourself about the ways to cure and prevent porn addiction and share them to others.

I am thankful that I never found those photos.

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Articles on websites that offers advice and activities on how to fight porn addiction:

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