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A new banner poster for The Walking Dead Season 5 has been released by AMC, featuring a mean-looking Rick Grimes and an apparently cryptic message.

Except I don't think the message isn't cryptic at all and I'll explain why after you've checked it out:


We pretty much know that the dudes over at Terminus are cannibals wanting to nibble on the flesh of Rick and the gang, but this tagline - Hunt Or Be Hunted - might actually tell us what's going to go down in Season 5.

There's a famous storyline from the comics called "Fear the Hunters" and I think this banner seems to suggest it will be adapted for the TV show.

Warning: Potential spoilers to follow

Fear the Hunters

The story arc sees Rick go on a roaring rampage of revenge against a group of flesh eaters after they'd kidnapped Dale and eaten half of his leg.

Like this:

However, what the despotic flesh eaters didn't realize was Dale had been bitten by a walker and his flesh was tainted:

Luckily for Dale - and really unfortunate for the Hunters - Rick and a small hit-squad soon find their hideout, and are welcomed by the leader of the cannibals with open arms:

Does this look familiar? It has more than a passing resemblance to Gareth, the leader of the Termites:

What Rick then does to the eaters of human flesh is unrepeatable here. Needless to say, it does not end well for the hunters.

So, using the powers of both logic and speculation, I think we'll see the Fear the Hunters storyline from the comics in the first part of Season 5. Gareth is modelled on the leader of the Hunters from comic, and I think the same bloody and brutal fate will befall them.

This is good news for us, but really terrible news for Gareth and the Termites.


Do you think we'll get the Fear the Hunters storyline in Season 5?


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