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Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy was full of BIG DEATHS, so Season 7 is gonna have to be pretty special...

If Season 7 is the true finale, really the last time we're gonna see the Sons of Anarchy, then I think Kurt Sutter is gonna make it as punishing, brutal and bloody as possible.

That means a lot of people are gonna die. These are my predictions for who will live and who will die - and why...


Why He Could Die: Juice is a man with the best of intentions and the worst of luck. Now Jax knows he betrayed him AND he knows Gemma killed Tara, AND he killed Roosevelt, things are looking pretty dire for Juice. Plus, he's strung out and unraveling and attempted suicide before...

Why He Could Live: I can't really see a scenario in which Juice comes out of Season 7 alive.



Why She Could Die: Gemma has caused a whole lot of trouble. In killing Tara, many fans feel she deserves to die - but the Teller-Morrow crew don't always get what they deserve. If Jax realizes she killed Tara, she's probably a goner.

Why She Could Live: Gemma is one of the longest serving cast members, and her loss would be great. I suspect that she'll be left alive to grieve the wreckage of her family. Also, Katey Sagal is Kurt Sutter's wife - maybe this buys her a free pass...



Why He Could Die: His loyalties are split between SAMCRO and the Byz Lats, and split loyalties just means two bunches of people totally mad at you. Oh, and he's in love with Gemma, and we all know what happens to her partners...

Why He Could Live: He could say SCREW THIS and leave...but Tara and Jax failed to run, and Bobby came back. These guys don't leave their people.



Why She Could Die: Gemma killed Tara because she was so possessive of her grandkids - you don't think she's gonna be any kinder to ex-junkie Wendy, do ya? If it all comes out, Wendy is gonna get killed by either Jax...or Gemma. She can't win.

Why She Could Live: Nope, she's screwed.



Why He Could Die: Well, he's terminally ill, for a start! And he's often looking after the boys, which will be the biggest target for anyone wanting to personally hurt Jax...

Why He Could Live: I just can't get over the brilliant irony if this cancer-stricken old grump outlives them all...that would be a brilliantly painful end to a bloodily rewarding season...



Why He Could Die: Kurt's gotta kill off either Chibs or Bobby, I reckon. They're massive characters, and if he's looking to shock viewers, that'd be the way to do it.

Why He Could Live: I really hope he lives, because Chibs is my favorite. He's one tough mother*****r, that's why Chibs could live, OK?



Why He Could Die: Bobby made the choice to come back to Jax, and Jax is a dangerous man to be around right now. Plus, gang warfare over the gun trade is off the chain right now. Charming has never been more deadly, and Bobby is not as physically fit as he used to be...

Why He Could Live: Bobby got near-fatally shot in season 6, so maybe we've already seen his vulnerability. Maybe that's what we get instead of a full-blown Bobby death.



Why He Could Die: I think Happy is an awesome character but let's face it - he's just not as integral to the group as Chibs or Bobby. In a season with big deaths expected, I think Happy is gonna go quick.

Why He Could Live: This guy is dead as a doornail, sorry.



Why He Could Die: Tig is a total livewire, and is prone to doing wild things with little provocation. If Tig dies, I see it being like Schultz in Django Unchained - someone will annoy him, and he won't be able to ignore the insult, even if it costs him his life.

Why He Could Live: Of the 'big three' SAMCRO die-hards - Bobby, Tig and Chibs - I think Tig is possibly the best-loved.



Why He Could Die: This breaks my heart, but the only reason I can see that Sutter would keep Jax alive is either to show the crazy, ruined man he's become...or because he wants to sneak out another '10 years later' special after Season 7.

Why He Could Live: He couldn't...even Kurt Sutter wouldn't...kill Jax...would he?!

I don't know, man, but I think Sons of Anarchy Season 7 is gonna be a full-blown, Hamlet-style Red Wedding bloodbath...Please share your SOA death predictions below!



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