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Joe Maganiello and Sofia Vergara's love story is either torn straight from the pages of a fairy tale or a publicists wet dream, but the star crossed lovers are still going strong.

After meeting Vergara at a White House dinner back in May, Maganiello was certain he had met his dream girl, but there was the slight complication of her engagement...

Fast forward a few months and a public declaration of love in People Magazine by Maganiello, Vergara's engagement had ended and she flew straight into the well-muscled arms of the [True Blood](series:200767) hunk. Awwww!

Despite whispers that the Colombian bombshell's relationship with Maganiello is an elaborate publicity stunt, this exceptionally photogenic couple have put a middle finger up to the press by having a super romantic holiday in Mexico.

Vergara uploaded a snap of the couple lounging on the beach to her Whosay account and the paps have also snatched a few shots of their couples vacation.

Check out the images below and tell me this is all a sham!

I must admit that a bit of my frosty, cynical heart just defrosted after seeing this. Maybe true love is real after all!


Sofia Vergara and Jo Manganiello: Publicity stunt or true love?

(Source: The Daily Mail)


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