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When firing whipped cream out of her bra was just a distant dream, the young Katy Perry was on the road as quite possibly the world's most adorable 16-year-old Christian performer.

Thanks to newly released footage by the videographer Jim Standridge, we can do the timewarp and see Perry's 'raw talent' as she cries, jokes and strums her way into our hearts.

To be honest with you, I always though Perry seemed a bit of an evil sociopath, but after seeing this I have totally changed my judgemental tune.

Perry comes across as any other sweet teenage girl as she chats about her pizza face, how gross it is to put your toilet roll in a bin, hyperventilating with nerves and failing 9th grade.

Oh, and she can also actually really sing. Watch it!

Also, isn't that 90s hairdo just fantastic?!

This self-confessed "little kid from California who plays the guitar and sings" has certainly come on a long way. Let's just hope that 11 million album sales later she hasn't changed one bit... Except maybe crying about her parents. That would be weird.


Did this video change your opinion of Katy Perry?

(Source: Gossip Cop)


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