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Even a vampire like KStew needs to soak up the sun once in a while, and Kristen certainly isn't shy about rocking the beach bum look. Literally.

The 24-year-old actress used the break in her normally rammed schedule to chill on the beach in Malibu for labor day weekend with a group of chums and her faithful hound.

Everything about these pictures are SO Kristen, but I would like to point out a couple of details. Number one: Of course KStew has a friend with a heartagram tattoo! Number two: of course KStew shuns sandals for the irresistible allure of trodden down converse.

Being at the beach, Kristen also gave a flash of her cheeky beach bum, which was nice.

I really hope that Stewart has a few of those 'Marines' baseball caps that she clearly holds so dear, or that thing must be stinking right now. You never know with this one.


What is the most KStew thing you can possibly imagine?

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