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In slightly over a month, we'll able to get our first look at what the new Disney era of Star Wars has to offer to fans. We've still got over a year to wait for Star Wars: Episode VII, but before that we can feast our eyes on the upcoming animated series, Star Wars Rebels - another Disney produced animated series that is to be considered canon along with the movies.

We've already meet most of the main characters but now in a four minute sneak peek we can how they interact with each other. We can assume the following scene occurs fairly early into the series, as it shows us the young con artist, Ezra, getting to know the rest of his rag-tag crew mates. Check it out below:

There's a lot to expect from Star Wars Rebels, and it seems they want to set out with a bang. Before the main series kicks off on October 11th, you'll also be treated to an hour-long special entitled "Spark Of Rebellion". You'll be able to see that on the Disney Channel on October 3rd.


How high are your expectations for Star Wars Rebels?

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