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Although equipped with a shonky script and hoary dream sequences, Jaws: The Revenge didn't really have all that much bite. Surprising, really, for a shark movie.

Still, we've gotten over our anger at the movie monstrosity because it had the redeeming feature of a shark eating a plane. And luckily, our shark hunger is satisfied with hope for a Jaws reboot, and when we see things like this gorgeous illustration of amusing ideas for that movie, from really great concept artist Tom Gauld.

He's missing "erotic thriller". And they already did Jaws In Space - it's called Alien (seriously, that was the Hollywood pitch for it). But I think an existential Jaws reboot would be awesome... "As the salt of his tears joined that of the ocean, he realized the true shark was only in his mind."


Which one of these Jaws reboots would you most like to see come to fruition?

(Source: Tom Gauld, GeekTyrant)


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