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The IMDb top 250 is pretty hallowed in the film vocabulary; if you're in it, then you can confidently call yourself one of the best filmmakers going.

It's not often, however, that you see the connections between the movies in question. Taxi Driver, The Godfather, Forrest Gump...movies that have shaped our culture and given us lines like this:

But no movie is an island, and it's fascinating to see the generic and historical connections between our favourite classic movies mapped out.

And now we can, thanks to Vodkaster. They've put together a map that resembles the London Underground but which actually speeds you to some of your favourite movie destinations via interconnecting genres.

The results are awesome and pretty surprising. Ever think that There Will Be Blood bears no resemblance to The Wizard of Oz? Think again.

It's right next to it on the Adventure line.

Some don't fit into one simple category:

No Country For Old Men lies somewhere between Thriller/Horror/Monster and Gangster. Phew.

Think you can guess the connections? Check out the full map below!

(Source: Miramax)


Is this cool or what?


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