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As was revealed in the end credits scene of X-Men Days of Future Past, there is a new, powerful mutant coming to our screens. El Sabah Nur, also known as Apocalypse, was seen in the final moments of Days of Future Past manipulating the huge blocks of the Great Pyramid in Egypt with the power of his mind.

But it wasn't only Apocalypse we saw in Egypt, there were also four mysterious riders in the distance overlooking the scene.

As all fans of the X-Men will know, these were the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War, Famine, Pestilence and DEATH!

There have been quite a few iterations of these four riders, but for now we will focus on just one - the most famous of them all: Death.

X-Men Apocalypse: Archangel - The Angel of Death

Angel and Apocalypse in the X-Men
Angel and Apocalypse in the X-Men

Archangel is perhaps the most likely candidate for Death, Apocalypse's right hand man and the leader of the Four Horsemen.

After his wings are torn from his body, Angel was mutilated, desperate and alone. Apocalypse - who was himself rescued when he was outcast from ancient Egypt as a child - took Archangel in and provided him with new, metal wings, which have the ability to shoot arrows from the side. He also granted Angel healing powers.

Angel does not remain a horseman of the apocalypse forever, but goes on to become one of the most fascinating, complex mutants in the entire X-Men Universe. He's a good bet for [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267).

Channing Tatum as Gambit - Horseman of the Apocalypse?

Gambit: Will Remy LeBeau meet his DEATH?
Gambit: Will Remy LeBeau meet his DEATH?

Marvel have confirmed that Gambit is coming to X-Men Apocalypse, and that he will be played by Channing Tatum, star of movies like [22 Jump Street](movie:434853) and [Side Effects](movie:319864).

Remy LeBeau is one of the best loved X-Men characters. Born in New Orleans and raised by a Thieves Guild, he is a character who has always walked a fine line between good and evil.

In the comics, Gambit joins Apocalypse in order to infiltrate the Horsemen and sabotage the plans of En Sabah Nur, but the powers of Apocalypse are so strong that his mind becomes warped, and he begins to believe in the plans of Mutant Domination.

It is possible that X-Men Apocalypse could follow this road for the character, although some have speculated that Apocalypse will simply be the first to find him and rescue him from his life of thieving and gambling in Louisiana.

Many other characters have played Death down the years, including characters like Caliban, Wolverine and others, but these two seem the most likely choices for X-Men Apocalypse.

Which mutant would you most like to see play The Horseman Death in X-Men Apocalypse? How much are you looking forward to this movie? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


Who would make the better Death in X-Men Apocalypse?


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