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Not that we need it in the case of Game of Thrones' Cersei, who's mental health prognosis was always pretty grim (paranoid delusions, hysteria, persecution complex, a descent into madness, alcoholism, narcissism, depression, anxiety - she has them all in spades), but sometimes it's refreshing to look at mental health through a new lens.

This new infographic offers us the opportunity to see some of our favorite characters from the big and small-screen educating us about some of the realities of mental health and illness which are not so widely known, by showing them comment on real-world mental health issues.

Everyone wrestles with some mental health demons at some point in their lives, and it's pretty refreshing to see that Morningside Recovery are bringing exactly that to our attention in an entertaining way.


Do you think using or favorite fictional characters is a good way of educating people about mental health?


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