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Zelda William's has returned to the Twitterverse with a very strong message to the bullies who chased her away from social media.

Zelda, very unfortunately, fell victim to internet bullies full of cowardice in mid-August after the passing of her late father, Robin Williams on August 11th.

In the midst of tragically dealing with the pain of losing a parent, Zelda was bombarded with highly offensive and insensitive Tweets consisting of shaming her for her own father's death, and all while posting heinous photoshopped images of a hanged man... so she decided it was time to take a break from the internet.

Zelda handled the situation with grace and maturity, but needed to step away from it. And who could blame her, honestly?

Thankfully she has now returned with a clear head and clear message to the perpetrators and, really, all bullies in general. She's certainly taking a stand on the right path and not allowing them to stifle her life experiences any longer.

You go, girl! The strength she is displaying is truly inspirational and should be a great lesson to all who have gone through the trenches of someone else's hurtful words and actions. You are not what they say you are, you are not how they say you are; you are better... but you have no obligation to prove yourself to anyone but yourself.

Robin and Zelda Williams in a Nintendo Wii commercial
Robin and Zelda Williams in a Nintendo Wii commercial

Zelda Williams was very close with her famous father, oftentimes appearing in playful Nintendo commercials showing their bond over a great mutual love for all things gaming. The pair always glowed when around one another and were constantly laughing - just as we laughed with Robin. It's nice to see her healing bit by bit, and returning back to the life she loved.

Mark it on the calendar, guys. Today a bully was defeated.


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