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Reid Jones

After months of teasing, and making his casting as painfully obvious as possible, Dwayne Johnson's so-called mystery role has finally been officially revealed. When you add up the given facts, such as his mystery role with DC, his involvement with the film's origins in the past, his love for Green Lantern & Black Adam, and his comic-con hint of "say the word", Black Adam has been a highly-expected announcement.

What's most intriguing however, is that the villain has been cast before the lead role. Whoever gets the role of Shazam is going to have quite the villain to face up to: I mean, it's Dwayne Johnson! The film has been in development for what seems like an eternity, but now things appear to finally be coming to fruition.

Shazam will be one of the first of many in Warner Brothers' ever-growing DC Cinematic Universe, alongside Batman v Superman, Man of Steel, and Justice League.


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