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Brendan Brown

Welcome to part 2 of our Last Of Us fan cast for Joel. In the previous round we had 8 well known actors compete to be the fan favorite for Joel. Now after a total of 796 votes between 4 polls we have our 4 semi-finalists. From the original 8, including Josh Brolin, Christian Bale, Anson Mount, Russell Crowe, Viggo Mortensen, Joel Edgerton, Hugh Jackman, and Gerard Butler. The votes were as follows,

  • Gerard Butler over Joel Edgerton 131-61
  • Christian Bale over Anson Mount 133-60
  • Josh Brolin over Russell Crowe 124-76
  • Hugh Jackman over Viggo Mortensen 123-80

Now let the voting commence.

To start we will have Gerard Butler,

and his challenger, Josh Brolin.


Who is better for Joel?

And now for the other two men. Starting off is Christian Bale,

And his challenger, Hugh Jackman.


Who is better for Joel?

So those are your semi-finalists. Look out for the next poll where we find out who won these two polls. Also look for the surprise I have planned for the finale of these polls. Good luck to our semi-finalists.


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