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Ok let's face it, since seeing Marvels [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) in theaters, I think it's VERY SAFE to say that we're all enamored and head over heels in love with one particular character and that character is that 8 foot tall lovable walking talking tree named Groot. We have all fallen under Groot's Spore Spell especially when it comes to one particular tiny Groot in "THAT SCENE" in which Marvel and James Gunn stole our hearts right out of our chests and are keeping it hostage with no intentions of giving it back any time soon.

In "THAT SCENE" we all witnessed the brutally adorable cuteness that is Dancing Baby Groot in a Pot getting down to The Jackson 5's 'I Want You Back' in the post credits scene with Baby Groot messing with Drax's head. Like messing with Drax's head is any difficult feat at all. This very scene stole the entire movie and basically all of us melted in "AWWW CUTENESS" over the tiny dancing Flora Sapling causing our maternal instincts to kick into over drive. In a nutshell before I ramble on about how adorable and awesome Groot/Baby Groot are we all collectively came out of that Theater wanting a Baby Groot of our very own. The Groot/Baby Groot sensation is sweeping the nation worse than Gangus Khan conquered China and Mongolia. With all of this being said I have come up with the perfect answer to all of our Groot/Baby Groot demands in the form of an APP for IPhone and Android. The APPS are explained below.

1: Dancing Baby Groot APP

What this APP is is a FULL 3 to 5 minute extended video of Baby Groot Dancing. This video would be the same quality as the one in theaters and you would have two versions of the video to choose from. One version is just Baby Groot Dancing and the other version is Baby Groot Dancing with Drax in the Original Clip. You would be able to add special effects, text, voice over and YOUR OWN MUSIC. You would have a choice to use your own music or the original I Want You Back song by the Jackson 5. In addition you would be able to share your video to social networking sites and save to your camera roll. Also you would be able to share it with the Dancing Groot Community as well and post it to the Gallery within the APP. I know all of us would LOVE a Dancing Baby Groot at our beckon call LOL.

2: Groot Virtual Pet APP

Basically in the APP you would start off planting a twig and raising Groot from his infancy till adulthood. You would get daily “Leaves” and “Water” and *Super Boost” enhancement growth fertilizer. You can either use the daily FREE BEES or you can make in APP purchases for $1.99. Also you would be able to interact with him by playing games with him,he would speak his limited vocabulary to you,puzzles and equasions to make him smart and other such fun stuff. You would also be able to make in APP purchases with this as well. Plus you will have the option to name your own Groot or just stick with his name. Additionally you can share your progress on Social Sites. Basically in this APP you would be Groots mom or dad LOL.

Hopefully James Gunn and Marvel Hear Our Cries and Demands as far as these APPS are concerned. Would be perfect to have our very own virtual Groot/Dancing Baby Groot APP. Additionally it would be a HUGE treat for the upcoming Holiday 2014 Season. WE WANT MORE GROOT/BABY GROOT in our lives. Would you buy these APPS and if so which one or both? Let us know your answers and comment below. Additionally PLEASE TWEET MARVEL AND JAMES GUNN THIS IDEA AND LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


Are these Good Ideas for a Groot/Baby Groot APP?


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