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Right this film used to make me hate dolls I mean literally don't you fall for his cute face now, he ain't cute he's pure EVIL!

'Childs play' is an American horror film/franchise which became a classic cult hit after it's successful release. It all starts with a Voodoo practicing serial killer who is trying to escape from the police. He finds himself being shot down and he places his soul into a doll in a store, the doll is now possessed and goes by the name Chucky. It's Andy (Alex Vincent) birthday his single mum goes out to buy him a gift and comes home with Chucky.

Now Chucky is not a doll he is a man who uses a dolls body to stay alive. He starts to murder people and everybody thinks it's poor little Andy's fault who's doing it. Eventually Andy has to listen to what every Chucky asks of him and he ends up being put into a mental hospital. But it doesn't end there, Andy's mum finds out that Andy was telling the truth and that the doll is alive and in the end they all go after killing Chucky, by killing him through his heart. You'll see why when you watch the film.

Poor Andy doesn't know what's coming
Poor Andy doesn't know what's coming

A very interesting and different film to watch, I love a lot of the 80's horror films specially the cult classics as they will always be remembered. The story is original different and I would say it lead on to other great films with similar stories being told, for example in a good perspective (good toy bad toy) 'Small Soldiers' 1998 was another favourite of mine with toys coming alive in a live action film. It was so good, wasn't it?

Anyway I highly recommend 'Child's Play' even though his cute face is just the beginning of showing his freakish side. Do check it out and the other 4 films included in the franchise I say the first 2 were really good. I kinda got a little bored after that but it's worth watching.

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