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Supernatural horror films have been getting a LOT of mainstream traction recently, and being that its one of my favorite kinds of horror vehicles, I'm all for that genre shift. HOWEVER, there are films that make me skeptical about this shift. [Reaper](movie:1066025) is one of those. A "classic" good vs evil mixed in with some punishment of the sinners of the world - a killer come back from the dead is out to continue his mission - literally in this case as the killer used to be a preacher.

Never NOT a badass.
Never NOT a badass.
An electric chair execution of an innocent man goes horribly wrong, unleashing an unholy being on the surrounding community who name him “The Reaper”€ as he seeks revenge on the unjust.
When a young female hitchhiker stumbles into a mysterious town with a dangerous serial killer on the loose, she is forced to team up with a group of intimidating drifters and criminals (Danny Trejo, Vinnie Jones) in order to survive and defeat the “Reaper”.

What's in the trailer: The killer essentially looks like a cross between Electro from Spiderman 2 and Ivan Vanko from Iron Man 2, as a loose frame story for the central issue of criminals with hearts of gold and a money laundering/drug running scheme, carried out in the OPEN at a crowded diner, and yes, Machete has a machete and they're staying in a Motel called "Last Chance" - hurr durr.

[Reaper](movie:1066025) stars Danny Trejo, Vinnie Jones, Jake Busey...and Andrew Carver from Showgirls!?!

Oh yeah, and the blonde girl.
Oh yeah, and the blonde girl.

Am I being too skeptical? What do YOU think of this trailer?


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