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Any film that starts with a Backstreet Boys song instantly has my approval! Luke Greenfield's new buddy cop movie came across in the trailer as a silly movie that would hardly be funny or realistic on the big screen. Oh how wrong I was. I am not saying it's the next Best Picture winner at the Oscars but boy [Let's Be Cops](movie:885786) was a lot of fun.

Jake Johnson plays Ryan, a slob whose football career went down hill due to an injury. His roommate Justin (Damon Wayans Jr) is a games designer who isn't ballsey enough to stand up to his boss, who thinks the best idea for a game is firefighters vs. zombies.

Together they attend a collage reunion party dressed as cops for fancy dress. Although they get the wrong idea, their new identities in cop uniforms slowly take one thing to another until they are in the middle of a real life web of mobsters and dirty detectives.

As unrealistic and silly as the plot does sound, the films ever changing events slightly over rule the 'they would get into so much shit for this' reality of it all. From the trailer we just see a silly comedy where nothing seems to have consequence, in the movie there are several occasions where they question their choices and go to confess.

Many comparisons can be to 21 Jump Street and for a good reason. A comedy about two cops trying to take down a cooperation and figuring out they work better as a team. Sounds familar right? Let's Be Cops tries to take a different approach to being a cop and taking control of the law, however it still wasn't original enough in my eyes.

As a duo, Wayans Jr and Johnson do a fantastic job. Their bromance and chemistry is incredible, however I cannot help but compare it to the relationship between Schmidt and Jenko in 21/22 Jump Street. These actors did action, drama and comedy very well and kept the characters relatable and likeable. The diversity between the two leads made it more realistic as one always said 'look this is a terrible idea'. Villain wise, the movies bad guy was played by James D'Arcy as Mossi, an insane mobster who really had no limits to his power. Threatening but not too threatening, he had no problem shooting anyone if they got in his way.

The lack of gross humour in this film was a pleasant surprise as most of the jokes where due to comedic timing or witty character banter. A comedy script that can rely on it's dialogue to make you laugh gets 10 points from me. Although the film was not as funny as I would have liked it to be, I walked out of the cinema still tearing up from the laughter.

You know those comedies that try to be dramatic *cough* Sex Tape *cough*, well this isn't one of them. Somehow it manages to get just the right amount of drama to not be too cheesy. Having consequences to their actions made this film a little more realistic and believable. A hilarious buddy cop movie that was just a bit of fun and didn't take itself too seriously. The amazing duo of Johnson and Wayans have brilliant chemistry and keep you laughing till the end.

3.5/5 stars


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