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Looking back at the world without CGI

I'd wanted to write a comparison article about the recent TMNT and the previous film version of our green friends, but I haven't actually sat down to compare two pieces that even holding the same characters are profoundly different.

Don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed the new version presented by Michael Bay, but it didn't quite resonated with me as much as it did the first movie where the turtles were funny guys in costume with animatronic faces, or should we call them puppets?

When I first saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the 90's, they looked funny, a little cute and friendly. These new versions of them look fierce, bulky and very, very CGI, but in a good way. They look fleshy if you want to call it that.

However, I still feel connected with the old version. I think that it adds something amusing to the film that is not quite achieved in this mega summer blockbuster of computer imagery.

This got me thinking about movies that I liked while growing up that couldn't be the same if they were made today, and a recent interview with Cary Elwes about his new book "As You Wish" got me to finally wrote this comparative piece.

He says in this article that "The Princess Bride" a 1987 cult classic film (if you have not yet seen it's inconceivable) directed by Rob Reiner that if made today, it would've be filled with CGI rats, backgrounds, animations and more effects. I agree with him, perhaps that CGI magic would have taken away little bit of the natural magic these cinematic masterpiece has. And it probably would not be a beloved film for many nowadays. Is one of my favorites and I enjoy watching it every time because of it's imaginative effects, lovely story and incredible fantasy.

I will be launching some posts, including a more detailed comparison between the current TMNT and the past TMNT in the next few weeks, and I hope you can bare with me while I rant about the movies that with CGI, probably wouldn't be the same.

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