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Supernatural's tenth season will premiere on the CW October 7 and though that feels lifetimes away, they have given us a poster to help tide us over. Featuring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, they are joined by Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard. The CW will also be airing a retrospective of the show on October 6. The stars and executive producers will be discussing their favorite moments from the last nine years and then tease us with what we can expect in the tenth season.

Originally, Supernatural had intended to end with it's fifth season, but it's extremely loyal fan base has managed to extend it's lifetime to ten years. Normally, when shows begin with an end point in mind, to go past that intended finale usually means "jumping the shark". Somehow, Supernatural has managed to avoid that by remaining fresh and relevant. Must be the power of Castiel.


How excited are you for the return of Supernatural?



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