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For quite awhile now, I have been under the impression that whomever's controlling what's going on at Warner Bros, as far as making movies based upon DC Comics, isn't someone who's even read a comic, much less "gets" why they're so popular.

Whomever this person(s) is, it's all about profit (which I get because Warner Bros isn't a charity). That being said, you can respect the characters as well as make money, but I am not seeing it based upon what I know of Warner Bros upcoming schedule of DC Comics-based releases.

And I received a confirmation today: It was reported on various sites that Dwayne Johnson will be appearing as 'Black Adam,' in a feature based upon Shazam, a DC Comics superhero.

Now here's a potential problem: Johnson isn't playing Black Adam in a solo feature, which means that his role is more than likely a supporting one (and seeing that Black Adam is more of an anti-hero than a outright villain, there may be an greater menace that we're unaware of), which seems like a bit of a waste because Dwayne Johnson is not only a good actor, but a charismatic one.

Besides, is there any reason why Johnson couldn't play Shazam? Seems like a wasted opportunity (there have been articles referring to Black Adam as Johnson's favorite character, but I am not quite buying that).

Something unrelated, but a bit odd is a change of studios. All the prior DC Comics-based movies were released by Warner Bros, yet for some reason New Line Cinema is, according to Variety, handling Shazam.

Does this change–on the face of it seemingly relatively minor–since New Line is a division of Warner Bros, indicate a change in strategy when it comes to DC Comics-based movies?

New Line Cinema is the studio that released the Blade films, based on the Marvel Comics character (the license for which has reverted to Marvel Studios), so could they be looking to create at a boutique operation for superhero movies? Something similar to Marvel Studios, which is a part of Disney, yet operates more or less independently?


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