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Lars Von Trier, the man responsible for filming a self clitoridectomy, is bringing his unique style to television. While this isn't the first time his work has been on TV, it still seems a bit of an odd fit for a man who seems to delight in making films that divide people so vehemently.

After vowing to never speak to the press again after his Nazi comments at Cannes, he appeared via video at the Nymphomaniac Vol II-Director's Cut press conference. Well, Stellan Skarsgard relayed information for him as did his producer Louise Vesth.

'Now, when he’s not able to speak, so he cannot say that it’s not true, I’m happy to announce that the next Lars von Trier project will be a TV series in the English language,' she said. "He has a really, really good idea which I cannot tell more about right now. He wants a huge cast and from what I heard, I’m sure that it will be something that you have never seen before and you will definitely never see again.”

Titled 'The House That Jack Built', producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen claims that the show will be "without precedent" and said that "you better hold your breath." Hoping to bring together a large international cast, that is the most information that is being shared; plot details will not yet be revealed because von Trier is still working on the script. Filming is scheduled to begin in 2016.

As someone who simply cannot decide if von Trier is a genius or simply assaulting me with his own personal demons via film, I am definitely intrigued by what he is planning to bring to television. With television currently being the place for exemplary story telling, this could prove to be a fantastic project. I'd love for you to tell me in the comment section what you think about this new development.

(Source, Deadline)


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