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This movie got played in my household too much, to the point where my parents either destroyed the VHS tape -yeah, VHS kids- or buried it deep in the backyard. I absolutely loved The Little Rascals. They taught me the song 'Love' (L is for the way you look at me...) that having any type of clubhouse made out of junk and old wood panels was the coolest thing ever and I seriously considered building my own go-cart even if it fell apart during the first ride.

The Little Rascals movie is still so fresh in my head, every line and every scene, that I can barely believe it has been 20 years since it came out. But the nostalgia and shock didn't really hit me until I saw the 'Then and Now' photo that was just released by

Talk about a throwback! Alfalfa grew into quite the hunk. Waldo looks exactly the way I imagine and I'm pretty sure that dog has been photoshopped. Otherwise, he looks amazing!

Celebrating the Little Rascals 20th Anniversary, is releasing photos of the rascals on their Facebook page just to get the nostalgia levels as high as possible.

22 Vision proudly presents: The Little Rascals 20th Anniversary Reunion. . Additional photos will be trickling out from this special 'throwback photo shoot' throughout the day, so be sure to 'LIKE' our page and join in the celebration!
#Rascals20th#Rascals20th" title="">

To see more fun pictures of the Little Rascals reunion and Alfalfa wearing a ballerina outfit, visit 22Vision on Facebook or join the conversation in Twitter using .

Also, we got a dollar, we got a dollar we got a dollar hey, hey, hey...BLOOPERS!


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