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Before I begin, I just want to clarify that I have no problem with Fox having the rights to the Fantastic Four. Hell, it brings competition and competition is a GOOD thing in the film industry. I'm not a Feige fanboy who wants every Marvel product to be owned by him and Disney; Fox did a wonderful job with X-Men: Days of Future Past, the Wolverine, and X-Men: First Class. However...I can't deny the fact that I am scared of this upcoming [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) reboot.

The Fantastic Four are what gave Marvel their infamy in comic books. Before they were timely comics. Then Fantastic Four came around by Stanley "Stan Lee" Lieber and Jack Kirby thus Marvel Comics was born. So when I see the Fantastic Four badly represented in either a movie or a T.V. show, I see Marvel's legacy being tarnished.

Look, I'm not some comic book purist who thinks, "Everything should be done 100% like in this specific comic from this specific year." No, I'm not that idiot. If you want to change certain things for the story to fit modern day and a cinematic feel, all power to you... just don't change things so much that it doesn't even resemble the source material. Again referring to X-Men; Days of Future Past took a ton of liberties with the story but it was still amazing. Guardians of the Galaxy took liberties and it is my most favorite Marvel film. On the opposite end you have Iron Man 3 which not only gave us an idiotic, arrogant, pompous "hero" fighting a villain who didn't even resemble the source material's version, and had so many inconsistencies that it became my least favored and worst superhero movie of all time. Yes, even worse than X-Men Origins, Catwoman, and Spider-Man 3. They took too many liberties to the point that it didn't even feel like an Iron Man movie whatsoever but more like a weird espionage thriller.

I bring up Iron Man 3 also because I had no problem with the casting of Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, I thought it was genius...but we all know what happened there... I had no problem with a British man playing the Chinese sorcerer and warlord - which brings me to the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm A.K.A. The Human Torch.

Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan

I'm not like others who hate the casting of Jordan just because he's a black man. No, that's dumb. I had no problem with Dwayne Johnson possibly playing Shazam (that's not happening, but still) nor did I have a problem with Ben Kingsley. I just don't think Jordan is right for the role; he is a funny guy and he can act. I've seen him in Chronicle and something else that I can't remember the name of but he IS a good actor but, at least to me, until I see a trailer... he is not Johnny Storm.

It makes me worried about the story. Susan Storm (his sister) is played by Kate Mara who is definitely a Caucasian girl so I have to ask, are they still brother and sister? Are they adopted brother and sister? If so then a large chunk of their backstory could have just been wiped away. They don't have to do that same backstory but it is a good one that could make audiences really feel for the two. Do they have mixed parents? Okay that I can see working but Mara doesn't look one bit African-America nor does Jordan look half-Caucasian. How will Johnny be written? Is he still going to act like the cocky daredevil smartass with a good heart or will he be written like a stereotype Caucasian man like you would see in a Tyler Perry (God I wish he would just leave Hollywood forever.) movie?

Do I have my worries about Jordan? Yes. Will I give him a chance? Sure! I'm not going to boycott him just because he isn't the Johnny Storm that I pictured. I don't wish for him to fail. No, if he pulls it off well then I'll give him a great big thumbs up. Again, I need to wait until I see a trailer to judge him anymore.

We somewhat talked about her a bit ago so let's do a review of Sue Storm's casting with Kate Mara.

Kate Mara
Kate Mara

Well anybody is better than Jessica Alba but I genuinely don't care for this casting either. The Invisible Woman is known to be a mature woman and a mother figure who keeps the team in check and...Kate Mara? Sorry I don't see it. In most movies I've seen her in, I think she is very bland and stale when it comes to her acting abilities. Not as much as Charlize Theron is but still. Still maybe she'll own the role and prove to be the best Invisible Woman we'll ever get, who knows? This is the casting I was the least bothered by...which brings me to the next guy who's casting actually angered me.

We have Miles Teller as Reed Richards AKA Mr. Fantastic...WHAT?!?

Miles Teller
Miles Teller

Okay, seriously? This was the best guy you could cast? Patrick Wilson, Jon Hamm, David Tennant, they don't work but that guy from Footloose and That Awkward Moment? Oh he's our guy! WHAT?!? Okay, maybe there's something I'm missing here. I am trying as hard as I can to possibly understand this casting but....I can't. The man with gray sideburns who could make Lex Luthor cream his pants in science is played by...THIS guy? I know I'm sounding like an angry idiot right now but I'm just genuinely confused. If you want to make the Fantastic Four in their twenties then good for you but that's not something I'm used to. Again if he does a good job then wonderful but for right now I can't stand this guy as Mr. Fantastic.

Now we come to the only casting that I like: Jaime Bell as Ben Grimm AKA the Thing.

Jaime Bell
Jaime Bell

Granted if I was casting the movie, I would have cast him as the Human Torch but that's just me. Personally, I think the guy can act rally good. Sure Jumper sucked the big one but I thought he was a saving grace about it, I also thought was good in King Kong. He's got blockbuster background so I can see him acting well with the Thing.

A while ago we were given our first look at the Thing's redesign and personally this is the best thing to come from this new reboot. Sure he's not the orange color I expected him to be but I can see what they are going with. In the original movies, the suit was actually pretty good but it just looked like he had rock-like skin whereas here the Thing actually looks like a being made of rocks.

Now we have Toby Kebbell as Victor Von Doom and....

Uhh....I umm...well he's got a hood. That's a good thing. I have yet to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes so I can't judge him as an actor yet. Look, I'll be one of many who said that Doctor Doom was done HORRIBLY in the original movies except for one thing: his look. I've always said that it sucks that these movies are so mediocre because Doom looked like how I pictured him to be. Here, I'm not exactly sure what to think about it. He looks like he's wearing a suit made of garbage bags and his mask looks like something out of a bad slasher movie. I don't know, he might do good but I don't have much of an opinion at this point on him. I will say though, thank god they didn't make him a woman.

Now one of the reasons why I haven't lost all faith on this film is the fact that Simon Kinberg is writing the film or as I like to call him: The Man Who Saved the X-Men Franchise. Seriously, Kinberg is like Fox's Whedon, he knows how to write characters and a good story so maybe he'll do the same with this new Fantastic Four. Granted every writer has a hiccup but still I am interested to see what he'll bring to the table. Another person involved with this movie is Josh Trank who directed the amazing underrated found footage movie: Chronicle. The man knows how to direct a movie with superpowered beings and if he pulls off Doctor Doom like he did with Dane DeHaan in Chronicle then we got ourselves a good villain coming.

What do I want from this movie? A few things.

Make the movie about superheroes! One of the biggest problems with the two original films was that they took WAY too much time setting up the action and having us sit through boring drama or them doing science stuff in a lab for thirty minutes. If you want to have Reed a scientific genius then GREAT! Just don't make it boring, make it jaw dropping.

There is a saying that I have, "A movie is only as good as it's characters." If a movie has horrible characters then a movie falls apart (I'm looking at you Prometheus.) but say you have really great and likable characters, you get something like X-Men Days of Future Past. The original movies' character were meh so the movies turned out to be meh to me.

For gods sake do not kill off the villain. This is a problem a lot of movies suffer from. *Cough* Dark Knight Trilogy *Cough* They kill off these wonderful and iconic villains after a five minute battle and it's retarded to me. Listen Hollywood, I know you've been loving the whole trilogy gimmick so you kill off villains to make things stop at three movies but think of it like this: bring the villains back for a sequel and you get more movies in your franchise and even more money. With villains like Doctor Doom, Mole Man, Galactus, Kang the Conqueror, Namor, etc. This could lead to an eight movie franchise like X-Men did. Sure X-Men had it's WAY down segments but they at least made money.

Add comedy that works. If anyone were to ask me what the biggest problem with Thor the Dark World was, I would immediately say, "That horrible comedy." Look I have no problem with jokes in a superhero movie, I loved the banter in the Avengers, but Thor the Dark World's comedy was nothing but Kat Dennings and Stellan Skarsgard giving cringe worthy "comedic relief." Oh yeah, Kat Dennings...why was she in the movie exactly? Rant for another time. Fantastic Four are a team of people who never get along so you could make hilarious dialogue for the characters but like I said, you could end up like Thor the Dark World (which was a good movie).

That's really all I have in terms of requests from Fox. I'll just see what they come up with for the movie and give it a fair shot, but if it fails you will hear from me.

What are your thoughts so far? Love? Hate? Not sure yet? Let me know in the comments below!


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