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Get ready for a "Moon Knight" movie - soon!

While "Marvel's Batman" isn't mentioned as a future Marvel Studios film possibility by fans as often as other properties like "Black Panther", "Ms. Marvel", "Black Widow", "Runaways" or "Inhumans" - he should be.

There are too many hints that a movie starring Marc Spector is coming - and too many logical reasons why it should - to ignore.

REASON #1 - Marvel Studios' Head Honcho Wants It - Kevin Feige has talked about the possibility of bringing a "Moon Knight" film to life for quite a while now. He has often included Marc Spector with other projects that did/do seem like slam dunks now.

For example in 2010, Feige was quoted as saying, "Moon Knight's a challenging, but extremely interesting character. We've been discussing various versions of it for years."
Other characters he mentioned as being interested in bringing to the screen in that interview are: "Iron Fist", "Ms. Marvel", "Jessica Jones", "Luke Cage", "Ant-Man" and "Black Panther". All of these have either been granted TV series or have been considered lead-pipe cinches for a while now.

REASON #2 - NO WAY Was That "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Easter Egg Thrown Out There Just For The Heck Of It - By having Agent Stillwell mention Stephen Strange AND having "some trouble with a man from Cairo", Marvel subtly hinted that a "Moon Knight" film was coming. There is no other Marvel character from Cairo.

Also, Marvel Studios has hinted that it would like to get away from having Iron Man be so integral to their universe. Feige has stated Dr. Strange is a big part of that, but Marc Spector is an even better choice to take on that burden. For starters....

REASON #3 - Moon Knight Would Give Marvel A Newer, Darker "Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist." - People think RDJ's Tony Stark is quirky and eccentric? They haven't met Marc Spector. Who has, you know, Multiple Personality Disorder.

REASON # 4 - Marvel Needs A Cool, Street-Level, Big-Screen Hero. - Amazingly, it soesn't really have one at the moment. Black Wisow almost fits the bill, but she's more mysterious and is involved in international espionage, not taking down drug kingpins and gang leaders. Cap almost qualifies too, but he does have the Super-Soldier Serum coursing through his veins. Plus, though edgier, he is still far from dark. The other most viable street-level heroes include The Punisher, who has already failed in 3 big-screen ventures, and Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist, who are slated for the small screen for now.

In other words, Moon Knight is their best bet at counteracting another street level hero ...

REASON #5 - Moon Knight Is Marvel's Best Chance To Do Their Own - And Possibly Better - Version Of Batman!

Batman is DC's # 1 Box-Office draw for a reason. He's been well-handled. Yet, not since Keaton's Batman have we seen a Dark Knight float through the sky in ways other characters can't - except Moon Knight. Moon Knight would be Marvel's antidote to gods, monsters and metal men. He could do a "Cap's elevator scene" throughout most of his movie. Toss in his dark past as a mercenary, his "death" and resurrection by mystical means and you have a street-level hero that could be as cool and mysterious as Batman, with some MPD and mystic qualities thrown in. Would make him compatible with everyone from Dr. Strange to Cap to Punisher.

Oh, and in the comics, Moon Knight used to be part of this team called The Avengers. You may have heard of them...


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