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After the success of Arrow, DC is gearing up to conquer the small screen. And the anticipation just stepped up a gear with whisperings of a new TV hero to obsess over: Supergirl.

The iconic lady-badass is slated to get her own franchise, with Gotham and Smallville producer Michael Green attached to write and produce. It's a natural choice: Green previously developed the New 52 reboot of Supergirl, and he's currently reviving the Blade Runner franchise with Ridley Scott.

Previous small screen appearances of Supergirl have been a mixed bag. There was her pretty underwhelming animated appearances, voiced by Nicholle Tom, and then, in Smallville, we got to see her being super sassy and snapping flip phones like a biatch:

Either way, a fully fleshed-out depiction of Supergirl is well overdue.

On the other hand, Arrow was pretty darn fantastic, which means DC fans have good reason to get excited over a dedicated series for Ms Zor-El.

The big question is which lucky lady will be cast in the role. Here's our top picks:

1) Adrianne Palicki

Palicki played Supergirl (under the character's real name Kara Zora-El) in the third season finale of Smallville. She's expressed a desire in the past to play the role, and her creds certainly stand up, with a comic-book writer brother, and pilots for Wonder Woman and Aquaman under her belt.

2) Aimee Teegarden

Teegarden played rebellious teen Julie Taylor in Friday Night Lights, and with starring roles in Scream 4 and Prom, we know she can portray women under pressure.

3) Molly Quinn

Quinn's still charming her way into our hearts as Alexis on Castle, who also happens to be pretty sassy in her own way. Quinn also did voice duties for Supergirl in the animated series Superman: Unbound, so she's no stranger to the role.

4) Emma Roberts

Roberts is the right physical fit for the character, and has yet to step into a comic book role. She certainly has a head for playing feisty females - appearing in Scream 4 (alongside Aimee Teegarden).

5) Chloe Grace Moretz

At the ripe old age of 17, Moretz is the youngest of the bunch but also one of the most experienced. More to the point, she played one of the best comic book characters ever to be committed to screen - Hit-Girl in Kick Ass. Then again, with 7 movies lined up for 2014 alone, she might be hard to pin down!


Who do you think should play Supergirl?

(Source: io9)


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