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With just a few hours to go before we jet off from Venice, we find one of the great genre directors of the 1980's casually plying his trade. Burying the Ex is nowhere near Joe Dante's better works but despite a lack of imagination, there is still some fun to be had.

The plot follows a horror shop employee called Max (played by Anton Yelchin) and his environmentally conscience girlfriend Evelyn (Ashley Greene). Max enjoys certain aspects of the relationship, as you would, but Evelyn's relentless do-gooder ways begin to wear him out. He decides to bite the bullet but on the way to the meet, Evelyn gets hit by a bus and dies. Max mourns; Alexandra Daddario steps in; things begin to look up but then- as the title suggests- Evelyn comes back.

Yelchin amiably fumbles his way through proceedings opposite a shrill, grating Ashley Greene. True Detective's Alexander Daddario jumps in to showcase her great big (ahem) "personality", but the best laughs come from Max's half brother Travis (Oliver Cooper). An unlikely-Casanova/ best-pal role, Dante gives him all the best lines too.

Abel Ferrara's Pasolini biopic (starring Willem Defoe) followed in the Salle Grande for one of the week's more bizarre double bills. Burying the Ex is about as undemanding a film as you're likely to get at this sort of festival. However, at this late, jaded stage of the game it is more than welcome.

That's all from us folks for Venice 2014. Stay tuned for a roundup, and some wild senseless predictions, before Saturday's awards.


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