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Steven Yeun, aka The Walking Dead's Glenn Rhee has just uploaded an image to Instagram which could allude to some major drama in the upcoming Season 5.

Check out the image below and take note of the use of ominous emoji:

Ok, well aside from the fact that he's clearly Instagramming us from the toilet, what the hell does a bloody forearm and a skull emoji mean?! Here's a couple of possible theories I came up with:

Warning: Possible spoilers from the TV show and comic books.


Glenn shows walkers no mercy

Ok firstly, let's get the obvious theory out of the way: Glenn opened up a giant can of whoop ass on a herd of walkers. We know that Glenn has totally proven himself as a fighter and we've already been told to expect over 800 walkers in the mid-season finale. So maybe it's as simple as Glenn going fully feral and beating some walkers to a bloody pulp.


Glenn feels the heat

My second thought after seeing the photo was that it must be some sort of burn that Glenn sustains. Especially seeing as we were just treated to that brand new teaser trailer with an ENORMOUS explosion, I'd say this isn't a totally impossibility.


Glenn meets Lucille

For those unfamiliar with the comic books, this is Lucille:

Yes, Lucille is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and for those who don't know, Lucille belongs to the big bad in the comics, Negan. That use of a skull emoji definitely looks like it has some deeper meaning...Maybe Lucille makes an appearance earlier than we thought?


Steven Yeun is a messy eater

My last theory is pretty simple: Steven Yeun went out for all-you-can-eat ribs, got himself in a right state with barbeque sauce everywhere and is now spending some quality time on the porcelain feeling a bit like death.


Whatever your favorite theory may be, I guess we'll have to wait until Season 5 premieres on Sunday, October 12th to finally decrypt Steven Yeun's emoji-laced message. I can't wait!


What do you think Steven Yeun's Instagram picture means?


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