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Based on the novel from Philip Roth and helmed by almighty Barry Levinson, The Humbling - which just premiered at Venice Film Festival - centers on an aging Shakespearean actor who has an affair with a lesbian half his age in a secluded country house in Connecticut. Rather aptly titled then, I assume...

"Three-quarters of the things we do in life are mistakes!" Al Pacino says in the new trailer which - in his case - has certainly been true for the past decade of his career (looking at you, Jack and Jill). But, from the look of The Humbling's new trailer, Pacino is well and truly going for the almighty comeback.

Check it out for yourself and see if you agree:

Pacino sure looks like he's trying to convey his character's dismayed sense that every time he gets up in the morning he seems to confront something so upsetting that he has no option but to retreat further into his Alzheimery blankness. The real question is this: has the actor's charisma also vanished, like his character's?


The Humbling trailer looks...

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