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Four years ago this week Christchurch, New Zealand was struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, followed by another in February that resulted in the deaths of 185, left thousands homeless and the city in ruins.

But out of the rubble rose Christchurch's own superhero: Flatman.

His amazing work and good deeds are described on his Facebook page:

Flatman provided food packages to those most in need. He now visits schools teaching kids to be their own superhero by being kind, generous and to look out for each other, as well as teaming up with other charity's to help spread some much needed joy and laughter to a city which has been through so much. Equipped with his catch phrase "be a bruv ..share the luv" Flatman is here to stay to be the superhero Christchurch deserves.

Flatman, who, like all good superheroes keeps his true identity a secret, has won an array of awards for his services to the city, including a much deserved mayoral award for acts of kindness following the earthquakes.

Check out this amazing video of Flatman doing his thing and bringing hope to the younger residents of the city as it undergoes a massive rebuild:

Awesome work Flatman, you've got some huge fans over here at Moviepilot!


Do you think a superhero in your hometown would be awesome?

Source: The Guardian


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