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Sounds like one of the last remaining living Starks of Winterfell will not be appearing in season five of HBO's Game of Thrones. As a result, we are forced to go through an entire season without finding out what happens next with Bran Stark (portrayed by Isaac Hempstead-Wright), after he finally (I mean, FINALLY) found the three-eyed raven during the season four finale, "The Children." And because Bran is not returning, his bodyguard Hodor (Kristain Nairn) will not be needed, and so he is not returning as well.

Word of this first broke out in an interview Nairn did, in which he said:

We have a season off and we have a year’s hiatus, solely because I imagine our storyline is up to the end of the books.

Getting a year off will apparently give him the opportunity to continue with his DJing career:

So, I get my year off now to do Rave of Thrones and gallivant all over the world.

Suffice it to say that this particular tidbit of news is quite shocking, considering the fact that it officially marks the first time a major character from 'Thrones' is left out for an entire season. According to some friends of mine, though, a few major characters have also been left off of the last couple of books in Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, which the HBO show is based on. So, that move is not at all uncommon.

The good news is that there are multiple new characters we will be introduced to throughout season five. And because Bran's storyline will be omitted, it gives the makers of this series more room to not only work with all those new characters, but also include the now-confirmed southernmost, previously-unexplored region of Westeros, Dorne.

In case you missed it, here is a quick breakdown of the new characters for the upcoming season, as well as the actors and actresses who will be playing them:

Personally, I was not too disappointed when I first read about this. To me, Bran's storyline just became very stale ever since he left Winterfell to go find the three-eyed raven from his prophetic dreams. I understood that it was obviously going to take quite a while for Bran to find the raven, but all that traveling without much action involved became boring to watch, at least for me.

On the other hand, once he did find what he was looking for, I immediately grew eager to know what he would do next, now that he had accomplished his mission. Also, I wanted to learn more about that child from the forest that saved him from those wights that killed Jojen Reed, unfortunately. But, oh well. My two options now are to either read the books or simply wait for Bran to return to the show.

Bran with Hodor.
Bran with Hodor.


On a scale of 1-5, how upset are you that Bran will be left off of season five?

Season five is set to debut sometime early next year. Don't miss it!!! As always, I welcome each and every single one of your comments, but please, please, please keep the damnable book spoilers to yourselves!

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