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Okay, we are all well aware of the reputation held by the Dark Souls franchise for relentless difficulty and the overwhelming sense of anguish we feel as we trudge through its dark chasms. From the enormous The Last Giant to the seemingly impossible Nashandra, I was forced to endure an endless torrent of stabbing, kicking, punching, impaling, cutting, slicing, dicing and the most frustrating of all: falling off something!! But who posed the greatest challenge? Who had me screaming at the TV the most and cursing the creators for inflicting this pain upon me? Let’s take a look at the one boss that drove me over the edge in Dark Souls 2.


Now, of course we all have to take into account the Dark Souls 2 classes when discussing the most difficult boss, as each class lends us various advantages concerning long or short range battles and our efficiency with magic. I played as the Knight, as I did in the first Dark Souls, purely due to my desire to brandish the largest weapon possible as early as I could. Unfortunately, this left me so vulnerable to bosses that were best dealt with at long range, who continually just swung at me and sent me flying into pools of lava, followed by my controller flying out the window… But even when I attempted a different play through of Dark Souls 2 PC version, regardless of the amount of players I had graciously helping me, this boss would massacre me: The Smelter Demon.

Located over the bridge to the right just inside Iron Keep, this giant-horned monster seems to start off just fine as he pulls out a sword twelve times my size. So I dodge around him trying to get to his back as much as possible to hack away at him, but alas after a minute his torso lights on fire and any time I step near him I am ignited. If that wasn’t bad enough, following another minute of slashing his sword is set on fire which now burns you as well as taking a ridiculous amount of health. At this stage of the fight, Lucatiel of Mirrah, my beloved helper, has been smashed to pieces and I’m left to contend with this giant alone. I don’t know whether I was just particularly vulnerable to fire attacks but this guy was just ridiculous. So many human effigies were wasted going back and forth attempting to kill this boss, who I later discovered was optional! Now while I consider myself a completionist with games that I love, having known that I could have walked around him beforehand could have saved me some broken household appliances.

After I almost finished the game, I went through the Dark Souls 2 wiki to see if I could return to some areas and, now feeling very confident in my abilities, destroy some optional bosses I had missed. Then I remembered the good old Smelter Demon. I confidently strode into his lair alone, traversing the fog like a boss with a sword the size of my own body. Following this moment I envisioned the creators laughing at my attempts to even hit the guy once his torso was set a light. The demon destroyed me once more and I was sure to never enter that room again. Therefore, if the developers do decide to release a Dark Souls 2 PS4 version, I will be sure to walk past his gate and curse his name a hundred times over.


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