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Ever since I first heard that Arkham Asylum was predominantly set inside and that I wasn’t going to have the opportunity to fly around an open-world with my cape, I was a bit disappointed. But naturally the game exceeded every expectation I had and it still gave me enough room to satisfy my need for gliding. Since then the series has gone on to improve upon its basic structure with Batman: Arkham City, less so with Arkham Origins, but still an enjoyable game. The Gotham City that Rocksteady Studios created was perfect, it was dark, twisted, slick and extremely enjoyable to navigate. I can still hear the voice of that thug calling out your name in fear as I swung from gargoyle to gargoyle. For fans of the comics the series allowed us to come face-to-face with some minor characters we thought we’d never see, and the iconic characters we loved were graced with exceptional voice acting and design. The latest instalment of the series seems to be a promising venture for the studio and one that will hopefully implement enough elements for us all to love it once again.

Firstly, they’ve introduced improvements concerning you gliding abilities. Apparently we can now use batarangs in flight and enjoy longer sustained flights and higher climbs. Additional fixes are being introduced to the combat, which I felt were apparently impossible due to the consistent elation I experienced as my streak count rose higher and higher. But while we have all of these great little fixes, it’s the new arrival that I can’t wait to try and I think Rocksteady did a great job of delaying this introduction to the universe. Ever since the opening of the first game, as Batman pulled up to Arkham Asylum with the manic Joker tied up next to him, we’ve wanted to be in that car. I was waiting for the cinematic to end so that I could take control of the vehicle and find my way there, but alas we’ve had to wait, until now.


As we fly through the city Batman can order his car to collect him upon landing as it will follow beneath us to arrive at our destination. We’ll be smashing through trees and barricades, firing missiles and bombing through the city streets at top speeds. The designers have maintained that they took careful attention to integrate it into the game seamlessly, so that the player is neither left dependent upon the car, nor feeling that its addition is entirely superfluous. While many game series are leaving me feeling jaded with the core mechanics and design, such as Assassins Creed, even though the last one was the best since the second instalment, Batman: Arkham Knight has introduced an element that I can get excited about. The games are already great but let’s see how much better they can be as we plough through the streets of Gotham in our very own Batmobile.


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