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Written and directed by Don Johns "Do No Harm" tells the the story of two couples who are embarking on a road trip. Tensions are already high between the group of friends and after taking some back roads can't find their way back to the highway and begin to experience car trouble. They are offered food and shelter, and even some help with their vehicle when they stumble across the home of a retired surgeon, who is now handicapped, and his odd son.

One of the first things i worry about when watching a low budget film is the acting as it can be hard finding talent with limited funding. While the acting in this film is not the best I've seen I didn't expect it to be and it did actually exceed what i thought i would see. The actors were able to draw me into the story and not detract from it which was a plus. I do have to mention that actor William Davis as the retired doctor gave a superb performance and was my favorite role in the film.

The production value is good quality and does not look cheap. It is pretty much on par with any festival winning indie film (there are famous films that look worse to be honest). The sound could have been a little crisper but it really isn't something you notice unless your looking for it. I really enjoyed the camera angles and the framing, they were interesting and stylish without being obvious so they integrated well. There were a few shots that linger that seem unnecessary but for only a few moments There are also a few shots that set up a great mood and atmosphere. I really liked the practical effects in the movie and there is one certain scene that was simply amazing and you will know it when you see it.

In terms of story i really enjoyed this and was entertained throughout the entire film. It is well paced with good character development. Back stories are nicely established and the dialogue feels real. The film doesn't really use or rely on twists but did catch me by surprise a time or two which made it feel fresh.

All in all i would definitely recommend this movie. It's a nice showcase of what can be done without a Hollywood budget but a little creativity and hard work. You can check out the official website for the film here

and you can see the trailer for the film right here


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