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Thomas Marsula

This is another Syndicate X update. Now while I'm finally to start working on Syndicate X 3 I can confirm that at competition I won't be able to publish this book. So far I put out the two books and with my finical crises and not continue to reach my goal. So far marking both books have been the biggest challenge. I tried creating a youtube Syndicate X reading and re-posted it with no success. What makes it harder is that this team I've envisioned doesn't have some image to attach them to. I personally believe that I've hit some core topics and both books but it's been hard to get anyone's attention. Perhaps my goals were too big, I wanted to do the big movie and hire people who are also struggling. I constantly think about just giving up completely. I don't know what to do next. I can't draw good nor can I hire an artist to depict what I have envisioned. I was most sure the the reading challenge would be the sure fire thing to get my book out there. Here is the link to the reading challenge:

I don't know what good it will do but I'm reached the end of my rope and I'm trying everything I possibly can. The main site to obtain the book is and can also be found by searching on Google by putting: Syndicate X by Thomas Marsula. (Just avoid getting it on

I know I'm already asking a lot but this site is perhaps my last chance. So please if you read this attempt to give these new superheros a chance.


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