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My petition for Digimon world 6 has only reached 11 signatures. Again the link is right here:

I'll also put that in the reply below. In here I wanted emphasize why this is important to me. I know that I'm just another fan but I've been asking for this since Digimon world 4 and the huge disappointment that was. I've took it upon myself and wrote a story that would make Digimon world 6 the most compelling game in the series. I am already aware that this is saying a lot. So I want to explain why I think I can pull it off. The entire Digimon franchise as far as games are concerned seems to constantly carry a consistent problem. The Digimon are never recognized as fully fleshed out characters. Instead we get a roster of different models with different fighting styles or moves which isn't even in Digimon world 4. To me and maybe a few others might find themselves asking: "Why should I care?" Don't get me wrong taking care of Digimon world 1 was a basic level of caring. But the problem I have is that the steaks are never seem that high after all when you're Digimon 'Fades' It's simply replaced with no re-precautions what-so-ever. So the end investment is basic at best. Games like Last of us build really strong bases characters and the result is that the steaks are vary high and you care about what happens to the characters you follow. I do understand that there are games that are meant to be pointless and simply time consuming but I don't think that works in the case of Digimon. When comparing it to the show the Digimon had personalities and they felt pain and loss as well as other emotions. I felt like the point was so say these are living breathing creatures we should take care of. In the games that is washed away. Digimon masters online is a fine example of just making players pay for new Digimon that are pretty much new models with different fighting styles. The steaks in the game don't seem to exist and even it's saying doesn't make since. "Challenge never ends" Yet while playing the game I constantly find myself asking where does the challenge even begin? While I'm asking that I also feel like asking, "Where does the story begin?"

It's literally pointless quests with items that are pretty much required but also don't make since like jogress chips and accelerators both items which never even existed before this game. As a fan who really wants this franchise to succeed I'm very concerned about how much longer this game will continue to recycle it's style. I'm concerned when players who would rather sit and wait for free items the play the game. Again it is lack of both story, character and game play which have made this game bad. I've invested time into thinking about an intense story with the characters we once new and loved as well as new characters have to band together to face their most intense challenge yet as far as Digimon are concerned. Without spoilers I can't say what i'm particularly going to do but I can promise fully fleshed out characters an actual story and game play that will satisfy players fully. The catch phrase "Challenge never ends" will mean something if I could just help write for Digimon world 6. I'm aware that Bandai isn't known for taking great risk but again I can promise with my ideas it won't be. I'd say that Digimon masters was the risk and it's already starting to fail slowly. It's audience it catching on and a great deal of members refuse to play or have already left. With Digimon world 6 I am determined to have the roster of fully fleshed out characters to all be free. And I think I've found a way to make player versus player action work really well. If had were to be behind this I also make sure if this any DLC that it would also be free so it's not the same trap the Digimon masters is. I'd try my hardest to make both an intense single player, coop and online game for PS4, Xbox one and PC and maybe even Wii-u. Again my signature count is only at 11. If it could reach the same number as the Digimon decode petition to come over to Europe in the U.S. Maybe they might consider it like they might be for doing that. If they do end up making this game without me and it's not good like Digimon world 4. I'll be back with a let me help make a Digimon world 7 petition because I'm not giving up in trying to be a part of this. So again please use copy and paste this link:

If you are reading this it doesn't take long at all. For those faithful fans also consider this. I've tried to get people to listen in Digimon masters as tamer veedude in the leviamon server in the game. If anyone has any questions please ask because it might be a vital question that when answer my turn a few more people this way. Also share this article as well as my Syndicate X articles on here as well. The more questions the better. Let's all help make Digimon world 6 a possibility.


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