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Move over [Warm Bodies](movie:203071), a new rom/zom/com is coming your way - [Burying the Ex](movie:1180759) is the answer to all of that sappy love story crap and moves right in to territory attempts to speak to...well...guys who are terrified of getting tied down to the wrong woman. No seriously. That's what it is.

But she's so...HOT
But she's so...HOT

The story [edited for my amusement] Max (Anton Yelchin, [Odd Thomas](movie:589165)), a generally nice guy - what does that even mean? What does a generally nice guy do? Does he kick puppies, but only on weekends? Problems arise when our "generally nice guy" moves in with his "super hot, but totally overbearing girlfriend" Evelyn (Ashley Greene, Twilight) - good thing she's super hot, it makes the rest of her behavior a little more acceptable. Predictably, their relationship hits the skids as she becomes a manipulative and pushy stereotype - but hey, at least she didn't get fat. Max knows that he needs to pull the plug, but because he's generally a nice guy and we're supposed to feel bad for him, he doesn’t. Luckily for Max, Evelyn dies in a freak accident - PHEW, who needs relationship conflict! and Max is suddenly free of his ball and chain and promptly starts to put the moves on "potential soul mate" Olivia (Alexandra Daddario, True Detective) - because doesn't EVERY guy have a backup waiting in the wings "just in case" - no seriously, how is this even a plot point? Continuing her overbearing behavior from beyond the clutches of death, Evelyn comes back from the dead and expects to continue life as normal...predictably, hilarity ensues.

What's in the clip: Evelyn is back from the grave, and is up for some awkward frisky business - the awkward part? We all know she's there's some Death Becomes Her action going on, which I quite enjoyed. I'm rooting for the zombie BTW.

[Burying the Ex](movie:1180759) has its debut this week at the Venice Film Festival - hopefully, some official release news will follow!

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