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Recently, released on Blue Ray, DVD and Digital Versions, Divergent is proving to be a great film! One everyone should see, no really! Despite what some may have heard it is not another Hunger Games, it is very different in fact.

Lets Compare!

The Hunger Games - is a society that uses fear to control everyone! And puts its youngest citizens in the arena fighting to the death. There are twelve districts each serves a purpose and the Capital. Any that get out of line are put down by fear and death. The fact is people are afraid to stand up and do things they need to do. Katiness is a young girl who just wants to live and be left alone.

This is government that is seeking to keep things in line not about fitting and knowing your place. Which is what Divergent is more about. Both series are wondering entering and enjoyable. Both should be enjoyed.

Divergent - is about another post society destroying itself from within too, however, the resolve it by creating the five factions: Abnegation which believe in selflessness and run the government, Candor the truth tellers at all times, Erudite the really smart group or intelligent group, Amity the farmers and peaceful group, and last Dauntless the brave and police/military. A test decides which faction you go to, however, the youth can choose any. Once a faction is choose that is it as the book states "faction before blood". Tris is a young girl that does not fit a specific so she is what is called divergent.

So, without giving too much away from the stories both are great and should be enjoy!

Please comment below why you enjoy one or both of these great films!


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