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There has been an awakening...have YOU felt it?
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He is a disfigured mutant known as the merc with the mouth.

Born as Wade Wilson he grew up with an abusive military father and his mother died with cancer when he was very young. His father was shot dead by Wade's friend when he attempted to stop their drinking at a night club. So he joined the military for a short while before being kicked out. Soon after he was diagnosed with cancer and was offered a cure in exchange for his participation in a human enhancement project.

Deadpool from Evan Lee
Deadpool from Evan Lee

Entering into the government's top secret weapon X project he underwent procedure. Unfortunately the procedure caused his cancer to go to overdrive. He was labeled a ''failed experiment'' and sent to a facility with the others. Selected to be the next to die he was taken to the brink of death before his new found healing powers activated, still scared and mentally unstable he managed to gain enough strength to escape. Unable to live a normal live and because of his experience as a soldier he became a mercenary for hire calling himself Deadpool because he beat the odds of surviving the experiments.

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