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In my opinion it will be hard to top the first two Nolanverse films. The last one was just so-so. Here's my list of the things I want to see from the Batman reboot.

Hugo Strange and The Penguin: Great Villains

Heath Ledger's take on Joker was one of the best I've ever seen. I don't want the Joker to be in these new Batman movies. Being a huge Batman fan I would like to see some more deep villains. Hugo Strange and Penguin would be to great villains if they where played the right way. Penguin should be a gentlemen that does black market dealings in his spare time. They won't do this, but references to the show Gotham and following the origins from Gotham. You could open up cameo's for more villains and more movies. References to the Joker are welcome though.


There was not enough gadgets for me in the previous movies. And no, I'm not talking about Batman's trusty shark repellent. I would like to see the batarang make an appearance or, some smoke pellets to help Batman sneak away. Let's have some cool innovative gadgets at Batman's disposal.

Good Batman Portrayal

I loved to attitude of Christian Bale but let's face it. Did anyone like Batman's voice? I want Batfleck to carry him self the same way, but maybe he just makes his voice a little deeper. Make the Batman seem scary and supernatural. The Nolanverse Batman seemed to choose brawn's over brain. Batman is known for his near superhuman intelligence and crime solving skills. I want some more mystery.

Cameos and Mythos

The good thing that Marvel does with they're movies is they acknowledge the comics and the events that happened in them. I mean, has there been one comic book storyline in a mainstream DC movie? Nolan was on to something with Batman's back being broke and and basically having a no man's land in TDKR. Follow even some video game stories. And also, let's get some post-credit movie setups.

Side Characters - Robin?

Have a good sidekick. I don't want a Chris O'Donnell Robin. Maybe even no Robin. I still want some side character that helps Batman maybe even appearances by other well known heroes. I mean they have the money for it since Batman vs Superman costs $135 million dollars just to shoot in Detroit.

The new Batman has a lot of potential to be a great movie and being the nerd I am I want to see it done right.


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