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Completely dashing all hopes I had for Liam Neeson, Arrow star Stephen Amell announced today that Arrow's upcoming Big Bad, Ra's al Ghul, will be portrayed by Riddick's Matt Nable!

Not only is Nable an actor, he's also a former rugby star and very much not a force to be reckoned with. Alongside Nable, Katrina Law will be playing his daughter (no, not the one who had a kid with Batman - ugh, Talia) Nyssa, and the family will certainly stir up trouble for both Oliver Queen and Black Canary.

With the Suicide Squad lurking in the shadows and the al Ghul's coming to town, it looks like we'll be seeing a pretty hefty bunch of Batman baddies within the coming season. With that said, will the long-awaited (and heavily teased) rumors of Nightwing swinging through Starling City come true? Right now, a special crossover episode between [Arrow](series:720988) and [The Flash](movie:15273) has been completely confirmed, but only time will tell whether or not we see other DC Universe characters passing through.


Happy with this casting?


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