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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Cemeteries are pretty scary places. Even the least superstitious among us will sometimes get a chill down the spine walking through these places at night...

Film-makers have used this in scary movies for years - but why only use fictional haunted cemeteries? Check out 5 real life terrifyingly haunted cemeteries...

Maple Hill Cemetery, Alabama

Resident Ghost: several child spirits in the cemetary's 'Dead Children's Playground' - a play area within its walls!

How the Ghost Appears: giggling, swings moving on their own, sounds of children playing in the middle of the night.

Why's This Place So Spooky? Rumor has it that there was a spate of unsolved child abductions in the 1960's, and the ghostly sounds are caused by child victims.


Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Illinois

Resident Ghost: The Madonna of Bachelor's Grove

How the Ghost Appears: A lady in a white dress, sitting alone on a tombstone, gazing sadly into the distance.

Why's This Place So Spooky? The Ghost Research Society have checked Bachelor's Grove out several times, reporting mysterious orbs, ectoplasm and electronic voice phenomena...


St Louis Cemetary No. 1, New Orleans

Resident Ghost: Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau

How the Ghost Appears: Laveau's soul can appear as a black cat with red glowing eyes. You must cross yourself three times and run away without turning your back on it...or forever be cursed to do her bidding.

Why's This Place So Spooky? At tomb 347, the supposed resting place of Marie Laveau, you can leave three crosses and ask her for a wish. As you can see, lots of people have taken Laveau up on her supernatural offer...


Cemetery Hill, Pennsylvania

Resident Ghost: a Confederate soldier

How the Ghost Appears: A barefoot man wearing his Texan military colors walks around the cemetery, saying 'What you're looking for is over there' to visitors before mysteriously vanishing.

Why's This Place So Spooky? Gettysburg, PA was the site of one of the toughest battles during the Civil War, so you know that the ground of the cemetery saw many, many violent deaths...


Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Rhode Island

Resident Ghost: Mercy Brown, a young girl who died in 1892

How the Ghost Appears: She walks in a dirty, ripped black dress. Her voice has been recorded using EVP, saying 'Please leave me to rest in peace.'

Why's This Place So Spooky? Mercy's father was reportedly maddened by seeing her apparition after death, so he insisted her body was exhumed and drained of blood. If that's not gonna make a spirit resentful, I don't know what will...



Have you ever been seriously freaked out in a cemetery?


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