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Often I look at props in movies and TV shows and think they'd be amazing to own, if only they were really available for us regular folk to buy.

Well fortunately for us, it turns out some of the most amazing gadgets in movie history are actually available for us to buy! Well....Provided you can afford the price tags of course. But hey, it's fun to dream, right?

Check out some of these gadgets that I would welcome into my home (or garage) any day of the week:


1. The TRON motorbike - $55,000

The Light Cycle motorbike is the high speed bike seen in the TRON movie series, and it could be yours for a lousy $55,000.


2. Star Wars Stormtrooper motorbike suit - $1300

So you bought the motorbike from TRON but now you need to look awesome while riding it, right? Why not buy a full Stormtrooper suit specially designed to be worn on motorbike! At $1300 it's practically loose change!


3. A James Bond style Jetpack - $150,000

If you don't fancy driving a motorbike around maybe you'd prefer to jet around in this pack? While it's not on the market yet they're aiming for a 2016 release so join their mailing list and get that check for $150,000 ready!


4. Star Wars Jedi fighter inspired bed - $15,000

Dream sweet dreams of a galaxy far, far away in this Star Wars inspired bed, and with such a modest price tag, why not get a pair of them!


5. The Game of Thrones Iron Throne - $30,000

A throne fit for the king of your castle! Rule over your kingdom in style with this Iron Throne. And with such a good price tag remember that a Lannister always pays his debts.


6. Aliens Pulse Rifle - $1500

Own one of the most iconic weapons in film history with this amazing pulse rifle from Aliens. Surely with this bad boy on display no one, alien or human, would ever mess with you.


7. A James Bond-esque amphibious vehicle

James Bond had an awesome amphibious car in The Spy Who Loved Me but why don't you one-up James with this amazing amphibious TRUCK?! Think of all the times an amphibious vehicle could help you- endless opportunities!

In conclusion:


What movie gadget would you like best?

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