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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Is there one song that makes you think of a movie, every time? You know, you're just sitting in a bar and that song from Flashdance comes on and everyone loses their minds...

Music is an amazing trigger for memory, with the power to transport us right back to a place, a time...a movie.

These are the Moviepilot staff picks of memorable movie songs - we'd love to hear yours!


Sarah Gibson - Des'ree's 'Kissing You' in Romeo + Juliet

If you were as cool as I was in the 90s, you probably also owned the soundtrack to Baz Luhrman's Shakespeare re-work, Romeo + Juliet. I accidentally bought the instrumental version of the album at first, and because I reeeeally wanted to hear Des'ree's sweet 'Kissing You' nothings - WITH LYRICS - I had to re-buy the damn thing. I like the meta value of Des'ree providing 'Kissing You' for the movie's soundtrack and also performing the song within the walls of the Capulet mansion.

The song is brought into the diegetic world of young Leo and Claire as the teenage pair, and becomes the literal soundtrack for their romance. Definitely gotta remember to put this one on my karaoke list, so that I can absolutely murder it for myself at some point.


Matt Carter - Jackie Wilson's 'Higher and Higher' in Ghostbusters II

Without a doubt the song that is like a shot of nostalgic gold that takes me back to my youth - and reminds everyone in the office how old I really am - is '(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher' by Jackie Wilson from Ghostbusters II. Not only is it an awesome tune, but it also plays in one of my favorite movie scenes of all time: when the Ghostbusters prepare to fight the big bad Vigo.

The people of NYC needed a sign of hope, and nothing is more inspiring than the Statue of Liberty coming to life and proceeding to kick evil ass with Wilson's uplifting song blasting out in the background. Awesome stuff.


Jancy Richardson - Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Free Bird' in The Devil's Rejects

Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects is a love song to the goresploitation movies of times gone by, so it makes sense it packs a banging 70's soundtrack, too. There's some incredible smooth Southern rock featured in the movie but it's Lynyrd Skynyrd's 1973 'Free Bird' that packs the emotional punch as the movie reaches its inevitable, bloody finale. Unforgettable.


Karly Rayner - Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' in 8 Mile

It's impossible to listen to 'Lose Yourself' and not have the iconic battle scene from the Eminem biopic 8 Mile blast into your mind's eye. This genius piece of rap storytelling thrusts us directly onto a stage that is crackling with tension. 'Lose Yourself' showcases the best of Eminem's talent and vulnerability.

It's this refreshing move away from boastful rap posturing that epitomises the tone of 8 Mile. It may not be the best movie in the world, but the words 'Mom's Spaghetti' are pure, evocative poetry.


Mark Newton - Joe Esposito's 'You're The Best' in The Karate Kid

Few films sum up the 1980's (and barely adolescent children inflicting violence on one another) better than the iconic Karate Kid. The martial arts movie not only taught me "Wax On, Wax Off" and the Crane Stance, but it also revealed that Joe Esposito's 'You're The Best' is literally the best music to ever be placed over a montage.

Sure, you might not hear it much on the radio these days, but that's because if they did play it, everyone would break out into karate combat. That's how potent this song is.


Kat Bacon - Frankie Valli's 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' in 10 Things I Hate About You

Forever on my list of 'guilt-free romcoms' and staring the incomparable Heath Ledger, there are more than 10 things I love about this film. This scene tugged at my fragile pre-pubescent emotions as Heath's character Patrick begins to thaw away at Kat Stratford's icy exterior.

Needless to say, I can no longer hear the Frankie Valli hit without evoking the hyper-unrealistic fan-fic that my teenage mind conceived after that romantic gesture. Thanks Heath, for giving me completely unrealistic expectations of romance


Matthew Daniels - Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' in Shaun Of The Dead

The obvious choice of a Queen song would be 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in Wayne's World, but for me 'Don't Stop Me Now' in Shaun Of The Dead is simply unbeatable.

Nothing quite says British like blasting Queen in a pub while playing pool. Add zombies, violence, superbly witty comedy, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to that and you have a scene you'll never forget.

Even now, 10 years on, when I hear that song I'm instantly holding an imaginary pool cue and beating up a large zombie-fied pub owner in time to the music. Also: Dog's Can Look Up.


Allanah Faherty - Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer' in Almost Famous

Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous follows William Miller as he tours with the volatile band Stillwater and their group of 'band aids'. After a particularly heated night of arguments the group boards their tour bus, all at odds with each.

Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer' comes on the stereo and one by one the group all start singing along breaking the tension and unifying the group, if only for a short time. Without a doubt the most moving and significant scene in the movie, it's a turning point for the main character and the viewer as well.


Jess O'Kane - The Jam's 'Town Called Malice' in Billy Elliot

It's one of the iconic scenes in recent British cinema history: Billy's frustration at his situation resonates with anyone who's ever fought to be themselves. The song is just perfect for the thumping, urban dance routine. I'll never be able to hear it without wanting to jump on a roof and kick walls!


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What's your favorite movie song? Please tell us yours below!


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