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Movie Review: Sex Tape.

Directed By: Jake Kasdan.

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Ellie Kemper, Rob Corrdry and Rob Lowe.

Annie and Jay are full time parents who's relationship has lost the romantic spark that used to keep them together. One night after doing too many tequila shots, they get the great idea to record a sex tape....that accidentally gets out onto every iPad that Annie and Jay have ever given away as gifts.

Sex Tape stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as Annie and Jay, a couple who have just lost their romantic flare. When their Sex Tape gets out they must go on a wild scavenger hunt to get back every single copy of it and destroy all the evidence.

Jake Kasdan who previously worked with Diaz and Segel on Bad Teacher, helms Sex Tape. Whilst Sex Tape forces a giggle out of you now and again, this comedy is nothing to write home about. Bad Teacher wasn't a great comedy, but it had some funny moments but Sex Tape is not a worthy follow up.

Despite Sex Tape's wild and over the top premise, this movie is incredibly boring. Its boring because....everything you think is going to happen actually happens. Apart from "Let's Be Cops", Sex Tape might be the most obvious comedy of the year. It contains several story elements that have been done time and time again so that even the least experienced movie goer won't be surprised by Sex Tape.

Sex Tape contains few laughs that aren't even big ones. Sometimes I found my self laughing at 'gags' in the film that I don't think were actual gags. Jay (Segel) has many iPad's that he gives away when he's done with them so that he can share his music. Of course iPad's are made my Apple, so expect to see and hear a lot of obvious Apple promotion. At a part in the film Annie (Diaz) throws an iPad out of the window and Jay picks it up and delights in the "solid construction" of the iPad...yes its that obvious.

Despite me not liking Sex Tape...there was one genuinely funny scene featuring Rob Lowe as Annie's boss. Rob Lowe always brings an energy to his roles and its no exception here, I don't imagine the scene would have been as funny without Lowe's performance. But unfortunately after this scene....the film goes downhill again. The idea of them running around after the Tape feels used up by this time and then it attempts to shove sentiment down your throat with Jack Black playing a porn distributor who teaches Annie and Jay relationship values. I am a big Jack Black fan....but even his surprising cameo couldn't improve the film.

This movie's premise deserved to be done far better than it was, every time there is an opportunity for something interesting to happen, it falls back on the genre cliches and gives us all exactly what we expect from a film like this.

Cameron Diaz gives one of the worst performances of her career in Sex Tape where she becomes unintentionally annoying at times. Jason Segel seems like he's just not trying at times, yet he does get the majority of better scenes, his performance just seemed to be off throughout the film. His performance was expressionless and tired which is something I wouldn't expect from a performer like Jason Segel.

What fails to work in Sex Tape is its tone. It boasts the R rating but has the sensibility of a PG family comedy. Its filled with bad language, sex and drugs yet it never shakes the silly, light hearted tone that we usually see in family comedies.

The better outcome for the two main characters might have been just to accept their mistake and live with the embarrassment but of course if that happened, we wouldn't have a high concept comedy. I think we would have had a much more interesting film if the characters had to live with embarrassment and try to avoid it at all times and eventually get pushed too far to the stage where they have to go and destroy the Sex Tape but the movie spends no time to really establish a well thought out plot. "Here's the characters, they love each other, they don't have sex, film a sex tape, BOOM its out, hunt it down" That is the extent to which this film's story goes to and not once is the plot surprising or interesting.

If you've seen even one trailer you know the entirety of Sex Tape's humor and story. They film a sex tape, it gets out, the try and get every copy back, they succeed. I cannot recommend that you miss Sex Tape and go see something else instead because this is simply a bad film, one of the worst this year.

The film features a fairly interesting cast who other than Rob Lowe don't make any of their moments memorable. Sex Tape is a wasted opportunity and one of the worst films of the year so far. I give it a D.

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