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Now, as any fan of Game of Thrones will tell you, there aren't many better shows on television than George R.R. Martin's dark, epic fantasy series.

With the show having captured the zeitgeist so effectively, though, is it possible that we all just love it because it's so well designed for the era we live in?

Well, as some of these fantastic fan made versions of the opening titles prove, maybe not so much:

I mean, look at Milan Vuckovic's 60's style approach:

You can just imagine Cary Grant starring as Ned Stark in the film adaptation...

Although that's arguably got nothing on hunterlsanders' 90s version:

Which would currently be the greatest show in reruns on SyFy if it had actually existed.

Then again, Wil Wheaton's spoilerific 70s sitcom variant is pretty neat too:

As is Keith Eng's imagining of the series as being a whole lot more Walking Dead:

Although, of course, the greatest Game of Thrones re-imagining isn't in fact of the title sequence at all. It's Bad Lip Reading's Medieval Land Fun-Time World. Of course:

Because Jimmy Whisper. Always Jimmy Whisper.

[Game of Thrones](movie:817617) will return in early 2015. Which is already far too long to wait...


What do you guys reckon? Favorite Game of Thrones re-imagining?

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