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When even Ian Somerhalder is predicting that the end is nigh for The Vampire Diaries after season 6, it might just be time for fans to panic. Hard!

In a recent interview with Digital Spy magazine, Ian Somerhalder dropped a clanger that will have thousands of loyal fans hyperventilating with fear over the future of the series. When asked about the longevity of the hit CW series, Somerhalder answered;

It very well could be our last [season] I think now that there's a finality to it, everyone's really realising that this is a very important time in our lives. We created some very cool storytelling

Although this is damning news from Somerhalder, it doesn't reflect what [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) big boss, Julie Plec, had to say about the lifespan of TVD a few months ago. She told E! News that;

I think the show will go as long as the actors want the show to go. You know, look, everybody's under contract. I know that we've got plans for season six, we've got plans for season seven. I know that our bosses have plans for seasons eight, nine, and 10

Even if it seem like the show might go on, it looks like season 6 really could be the end of the road for Ian Somerhalder who has played Damon since 2009.

The fact that the 35-year-old actor put emphasis on the fact that "this is a very important time in our lives" makes it seem like maybe he has other plans for the next few years instead of returning to Mystic Falls...

As Ian gets increasingly involved in charity work, and possibly even wants to start a family soon, it doesn't look all too hopeful for a Damon filled future on TVD...

I will prepare my mourning veil now!


Do you think The Vampire Diaries will really end after season 6?

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