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It was more than two years ago now, that Chronicle's Josh Trank was named by Sony as the helmer for the movie version of Shadow of the Colossus but - as we now know - Trank since exited the project, leaving the video game adaptation director-less.

Well, we finally now have a substitute! The next person to take a pop at the best-selling PlayStation adventure game will be Andrés Muschietti, the director of 2013's Jessica Chastain-starring horror-fantasy flick, Mama, who wowed Guillermo Del Toro when he developed it into a feature-length film.

Shadow of the Colossus is set in an epic-scale world filled with mythic giants and disembodied spirits, and follows a young man attempting to save his lost love by accomplishing a seemingly impossible task - the destruction of the colossi who roam the forbidden land. I think the biggest mindf*ck of Shadow of the Colossus was finding out that you were the actual baddie, killing temple guardians for selfish reasons...

That made the pain and sadness I felt so much worse.

I'm not sure how Muschietti will translate Colossus to big-screen format, as the silence and isolation was a big part of the game and I don't see him fitting 16 Colossi into a 90-minute movie but, either way, it'll probably have amazing visuals. Mama, even for horror haters, was beautiful to look at - and some of the scenes were so intense, especially the long take shot on the stairs.


Is Muschietti the right guy to direct Shadow of the Colossus?

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