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It's seemingly a match made in heaven. Vin Diesel, hot off the back of his groundbreaking performance as an actual tree in Guardians of the Galaxy, plus Rose Leslie, fresh from consistently knowing more than Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Together, they're set to star in...a fantastical action epic - The Last Witch Hunter.

In which Vin Diesel is...The Last Witch Hunter. Predictably.

And Rose Leslie is...not being typecast at all as a female witch who our hero reluctantly teams up with to fight the greater evil of her people, who are threatening to destroy the world's way of life.

Yup, that exact same plot.

Even so, it's not too hard a sell - Vin Diesel hitting things, Rose Leslie being amiably surly, supernatural fantasy action.

We're all probably down for that - and just in case, Vin's now released the first image from the film, and it's... he just joined The Night's Watch.

Which would actually be a great twist for Game of Thrones season 5...


What do you guys think? Excited for The Last Witch Hunter?

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